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okay dream room


    okay dream room

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  2. emilyykl said: Ideas where I can buy bohemian style curtains duvets and lampshades from?

    restoration hardware! definitely! maybe pottery barn

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  3. haleigh-smith- said: Okay well I have beige walls that my mom won't let me paint, my theme is black and white and tumblr-ish, I'm going for a cozy comfy look but it's hard since I have tile flooring it just looks so modern. My room looks pretty comfy I have a tall full size bed with a dimask white and black print on it. I have a decent size room but I like to have space in my room so i do not what to put chairs or beanbags or whatever else in it. What are some ways I can make it look comfier, without painting?

    pillows can help. even some huge floor pillows can soften. also a thick rug!

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  4. Bedroom in Sims 3

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