1. chaneleverywhere asked: I'm redoing my room- painting it light grey almost white, my furniture is white and very modern and I have a crystal chandelier I'm going for a cozy elegant look with a white and grey color pallet should I have an accent color? Any suggestions for decorations and theme?

    sounds like you’re on a great path. maybe not an accent color, perhaps an accent fabric? a leather blanket, leather chair, leather throw pillows.

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  2. This my room and I think it looks really pretty. I LOVE IT!

    This my room and I think it looks really pretty. I LOVE IT!

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  4. thiswasmadeforyouandme asked: How do you make a bedroom look boho/hippie??

    the key to hippie is low, worn in stuff. leather and wools, furs even. high pile or shag carpets, no single light source, but a selection of lamps, dimmed overheads, string lights, and some natural light. a lot of people disagree, but stick with dark fabrics for the beds, but one accent color. instead of neon  and stuff. 

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  5. daffodil-lamentt asked: what do I do if I hate the color of my room and my mom won't let me re do it

    i think the best thing is just cover the walls in stuff that you like but MATCHES in color to the wall. its a reasonable compromise. 

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  8. My small but cozy bedroom :)

    My small but cozy bedroom :)

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  10. hipstermeyvne asked: any ideas on what to do with a room that has bunk beds? My sister is leaving for school and I want to do something different with the room but my parents won't let me get rid of them.

    make the bottom a couch or day bed type thing? i had a bunkbed too and kinda just made it work :/ if you can take out the bottom bed you can put stuff under, or take the top one off and put them next to each other, though that eats a lot of room. 

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