1. englishloveaffairxoxo said: Can a black and white scheme work well with a small bedroom. The room can only fit a wall to wall wardrobe and maybe a desk. Also what kind of flooring is probably best recommended?

    go for white semi-gloss painted wood with lacquer finish if possible 

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  2. My “tumblry” addition to my blank bedroom wall

    My “tumblry” addition to my blank bedroom wall

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  5. certain-asthesun:




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  6. oklahoma state university!

    oklahoma state university!

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  7. hermionecmg said: Hello ! My bedroom has been black and white for a long time now and I want to make it more colorful, happier and cozier. But I dont have the budget to change it completely so I need to make small changes (or cheap big changes haha). I dont know how to do that without it being messy or not harmonious? Do you have any advice ? Thank you and thanks for your blog, I love looking at all these pretty rooms :)

    i think the key is to have consistency in materials and colors. black and white is a good base. try adding an accent color that is brighter. like yellow. a simple way to de-clutter is remove everything off the walls, take the pillows and blankets and everything, and put things up that have colors that are in your pallette (in this case, black, white and yellow). so black and white images, chrome items, etc. it’s all about going back to basics and building up again. if you have mismatched furniture, i urge you to paint everything a single color. 

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  8. hannahdiamandis said: I have bought white furniture for my room will dark wood flooring go with it? And also would light blues and creams look nice with it to?

    yes but the cream may be too close to the pure white. mixing the two can be a little risky considering you have dark wood. if you can get a shaggy cream rug it might work out. 

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  9. evelyn221b said: Hi- I have a bedroom that is painted a very very light blue (Borrowed Light- Farrow and Ball), oak floor boards and white furniture. Do you have any suggestions for a bedspread colour?

    a poignant red or a navy blue ! 

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