1. takemetomyparadiseinmydreams said: Hey,Id painted all my walls white and all my furniture is white,I have no painting/ art up and I was wondering what colour to choose,as I want it something classy, I would love your help please! Could you also suggest which things (of the chosen colour) I should buy (e.g. Bed spread, lamp) if you get me? Thank you very muchūüôĆ

    the art needs to be very beautiful and communicative of your essence… whatever that may be… minimal and poignant or ancient and classical or anything… but the only thing suitable is something that can be framed, please, nothing pasted in a terribly disheveled manner, this is so popular today. your white elegance should usher in modern prints, explore artsy.net, and purchase either originals or prints. but do not overload the delightful white elegance of this space. the bed spread should be white or pull the brilliant colors from your art. allow chrome accents or brush aluminum to accent… even gold if you feel it is representative.¬†

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  2. A low bed can give a very marvelous downward energy

    A low bed can give a very marvelous downward energy

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  3. nutella-cookiess said: My house is being renovated and im redoing my room, i want to do it almost all white (white bedframe, desk, night stands, bookshelf) and i want to know how to add pops of colour without making it look too colourfull. For example im going to use colourfull throw pillow, and maybe a light shade of pink for a rug

    it is important to keep the pop of color consistent and singular (if pink is the accent, that is the only color you are permitted to use). it will not look like a rainbow if you deprive the room of a rainbow of colors.

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  4. pasteluniverse said: Hey my room is 10x10 and i have a full bed, closet/cabinets and a huge mirror on the wall with bright green half curtains. My wall is beige and the lining is a dark brown. My floors are wood. I kind of want my room to be a little more islander/surfing type without spending too much money but i also want to have fairy lights hanging and maps. Any ideas? Lol

    i would seriously advise you to have the green curtains removed at the soonest moment possible. please have these replaced with something long and flawy, do consider linen or burlap…. the wood can be alienating… please take my suggestion and place a deep pile rug of beige… or a graphic rug from¬†http://www.houzz.com/photos/contemporary/rugs

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  5. hang-in-there-darlin said: Hi! I'm looking to change my bed spread but am unsure of what color(s) to choose. My walls are pale blue and grey and my current bedspread is a nude(?) color. Any advice on what I should change it to? I really like soft sheets and quilts or big fluffy comforters since it will be getting colder :)

    please do not overlook the possibilities of pillows. additionally, perhaps a fabulously fluffy, excessive white down comforter. the pillows must be oversized, something to sink into after a long day…. or an elegant grey, immensely fluffy comforter with white sheets, the large, wonderful pillows with large margins…¬†

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  6. keaterberry said: So my bedroom is a complete mismatch colorful mess. I have a white bed and dresser but a black bookshelf and desk. My walls are also Tigger's tummy Yellow and sleeping beauty pink (i was 4 when we painted and i loved disney) I can't get my parents to repaint and I don't know how to decorate to chill down my room because its very bright currently. any advice?

    wow okay. paint the furniture one color. i’m serious this will help ALOT in fact: if you have moldings, ¬†or accents you can have a marvelous consistency that lies in matching the moldings, the details to the furniture… it can all be so seriously delightful and cohesive¬†

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  7. Master Bedroom in 18 Gramercy Park, NYC

    Master Bedroom in 18 Gramercy Park, NYC

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  8. No, it’s not a bedroom but a damn fine living room and I’d KNOW i’d fall asleep on that sectional, like, nightly.

 100 Norfolk Street, NYC

    No, it’s not a bedroom but a damn fine living room and I’d KNOW i’d fall asleep on that sectional, like, nightly.

     100 Norfolk Street, NYC

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  9. cocaaine-and-caviaar said: Hey I went throught a seriously disgusting pink and sparkle phase.. and I just realised how ugly it is and I want to make it a bit more grunge if you know what I mean.. Any ideas? Ive painted my walls white and the room is small enough..

    okay. gray colors, high pile rug, NO metal furniture though.

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  10. booingforlooks said: how do people attach those gorgeous hippy style throws to their walls?

    often you must drill into the wall. other option is get throws with grommets. 

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